What Are Common Causes of Auto Accidents?

“239,539 persons were injured in motor vehicle traffic crashes in 2021.”Texas Department of Transportation.

That’s a shocking piece of information to think about, isn’t it. The report has an even more startling fact: One person was killed every hour and 57 minutes on Texas roads in 2021. Driving cars, trucks and other automobiles is so common and essential to daily life that you’d expect it to be safe. Sadly, the reality is just the opposite.

Why Auto Accidents Happen

Automobiles are amazing works of technology that help people get places quickly. But they’re also large and made of heavy materials. Add to that the unfortunate element of user error, and you’re looking at the possibility of big damage when drivers collide with each other and other objects.

What causes these collisions to happen? How can people get in their cars every day, gain experience and yet still end up getting into accidents? There are a number of common causes of these accidents:

Other causes of auto accidents include speeding, defective vehicle parts, aggressive driving and more.

What Types of Claims Do People File After an Accident?

Auto accidents can come with devastating consequences. As a result, many accident victims file claims and lawsuits to help them move forward. Types of claims include the following:

Personal Injury

If you’ve ever been injured in an accident, you know the road to recovery can be long and painful. It’s even worse if you’re struggling to pay the medical bills and dealing with lost wages.

Ideally, an insurance claim would cover the financial burden, but it doesn’t always work out that way. Depending on the policy, the insurance coverage could be limited. This is why many people get the help of a lawyer to negotiate fair compensation.

Property Damage

Cars can receive varying levels of damage from accidents. But whether a vehicle receives a few minor dings and scratches or gets completely totaled, someone needs to pay for the damage.

People file property damage claims in order to cover the cost of getting their vehicle repaired or to completely replace their car or truck. But these claims can also take care of costs for things you might not expect, such as the price of a rental car or even the cost of possessions inside the vehicle that were damaged during the accident.

Need Financial Compensation After an Auto Accident? Contact Our Attorneys Today!

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