Fire Claims

Fire ClaimsA fire to a home, business or dwelling is a traumatic event. Whether or not anyone was harmed or killed in a fire, the damage from a fire is a significant setback. Your insurance company should be a key part of the rebuilding process. Unfortunately, too many insurance companies are less interested in helping and are more interested in limiting their responsibility. After a fire, however, insurance companies may take steps to deny, undervalue or delay paying your claim. In the worst situations, your insurer may even accuse you of committing arson in an attempt to recover insurance money.

When an insurance company acts in bad faith, the lawyer you select to protect your rights can make a major difference. For years, individuals and businesses across Texas have sought out The Fell Law Firm. From our office in the Dallas area, Mr. Fell fire claims attorney have successfully represented clients in the full range of bad faith cases.

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An insurance policy is a contract, with the policyholder paying premiums and the insurance company agreeing to pay for any damage under the policy. Insurance companies have learned, unfortunately, that many people will not fight claim denials or policy cancellations. With a lawyer on your side, the insurance company will know you mean business.

Our team is led by Gregory Fell, who has represented clients in all types of bad faith litigation since 1994. While we try to resolve cases through negotiations whenever possible, we are known for our willingness and readiness to take our clients’ cases to trial. Our history of success in and out of the courtroom gives our clients’ cases immediate credibility.

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