Tornado Claims

Tornado ClaimsTexas, and North Texas in particular, has many tornadoes in any given year. Tornadoes are both random and devastating, destroying anything in their path, including homes, neighborhoods and even small towns. The tornado that struck Granbury, Texas, in 2013 is just one example of the devastation brought on by these forces of nature.

In the aftermath of a tornado, insurance companies have the duty to help policyholders repair and rebuild their homes and businesses. Some insurers, faced with the prospect of paying millions or even billions in claims, will go to great lengths to deny valid claims, make low-ball offers or delay payments. For home and business owners who have sustained severe losses, this can make a stressful and uncertain situation even worse.

If your insurance company is not acting in good faith, a lawyer can be an important ally. Consider The Fell Law Firm. From our office in Richardson-Plano, Mr. Fell is known across the region for their tenacity and skill in bad faith insurance claims. Attorney Gregory Fell has practiced law since 1994, and has successfully resolved many insurance claims on behalf of individuals and businesses across Texas.

Providing Aggressive, Trial-Tested Representation In Bad Faith Claims

Mr. Fell Dallas tornado insurance claims attorney will look closely at the terms of your policy to determine if the insurance company is treating you fairly. If there is evidence to show it is acting in bad faith, we will immediately begin preparing a claim against the insurance company to recover all appropriate damages under law. These damages can include, in addition to what is owed under your policy, attorneys’ fees and other financial damages. By preparing every case for the possibility of trial, you can take heart knowing we will be ready to protect your interests.

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