Homeowner Association

My HOA Put a Lien on My Property

There are several ways that you could wind up owing money to your homeowners’ association (HOA) or condo association.  The most common debt is your regular assessment, which covers building and property maintenance in common areas, and may...

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Insurance Cancellation

Why Did My Insurance Company Cancel My Policy?

There’s nothing worse than finding out your insurance policy has been canceled by your insurer. If it’s health insurance, this leaves you with medical bills. If it’s homeowner’s insurance, you may be left on your own to make repairs aft...

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Why You Need an Attorney as a Landlord

As a landlord, you have many responsibilities. You need to manage your properties, secure new tenants, and ensure current tenants are following the guidelines of your contract. Additionally, you might be faced with potential evictions, late ren...

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