Bad Faith Insurance Lawyers Serving Clients Across Texas

Bad Faith Insurance Lawyers Serving Clients Across TexasFamilies, individuals and businesses purchase insurance to protect against accidents, storms and other unexpected, but costly, events. An insurance policy is a contract between you and the insurance company. You pay your premiums and the insurance company agrees to insure you according to the terms of your policy.

Unfortunately, many insurance companies do not honor the terms of their contract, and deny, defend or delay valid claims. When insurance companies act in bad faith, they must be held accountable. If your insurance agent was negligent or your insurance company has denied your claim, not made payment in full, failed to defend you, failed to indemnify you, or canceled your policy, it is time to get a lawyer involved in your case.

At The Fell Law Firm, Mr. Fell the Dallas-area bad faith insurance attorney provides aggressive, dynamic representation to clients across Texas. We take on all types of claims, including:

We also represent policyholders who have been harmed by insurance agent malpractice or negligence.

Our law firm is one of the few in Texas that represents clients in cases involving employer-provided or self-purchased disability, health and life insurance policies. These claims, typically governed under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act are very complex. We are up to meeting the challenges involved in these cases.

How Can The Fell Law Firm Help You Fight The Insurance Company?

Insurance companies count on the fact that many policyholders simply will not fight back after a denial or a delay. In fact, too many individuals and businesses accept the insurance company’s words at face value and suffer serious financial losses as a result. At The Fell Law Firm, Mr. Fell is prepared to take decisive action on your behalf. We fully understand bad faith insurance laws in Texas and how they apply to your situation. Under these laws, you may be eligible to receive attorneys’ fees and additional damages, in addition to your benefits promised under your insurance policy.

Our lawyers have successfully represented clients in all types of insurance company disputes, and have taken many cases to trial. Our willingness to try cases will give your case additional credibility with the insurance company, and provide very real benefits to your case.

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