Denied Insurance Claims

Denied Insurance ClaimsEveryone who pays for insurance does so hoping they will never have to use it. There are times in life, however, where insurance can be a financial lifesaver. When your home, vehicle or business is damaged by fire, a storm or some other unfortunate event, you count on your insurance company to cover this damage. When the insurance company denies your claim, it can have far-reaching effects, financially and personally.

When insurance companies deny claims, they do so knowing that most people will not try to fight back. With an experienced attorney on your side, you can not only fight back, but you may be able to recover additional damages under the law. In your fight against the insurance company, it is important to have experienced legal counsel on your side. At The Fell Law Firm, our lawyers have fought for people and individuals who have been financially harmed by insurance bad faith. Our Richardson-Plano-based law firm serves clients throughout Texas.

Holding Insurance Companies Responsible

Insurance companies have a number of duties. Perhaps the most important of these duties is to promptly investigate and pay the full value of claims covered under the policy. All too often, rather than live up to these duties, insurance companies will narrowly interpret your policy in order to deny or minimize your claim.

Mr. Fell handled many denied insurance claims in Dallas and beyond, are ready to overcome the obstacles the insurance company may have placed in your path. More than most lawyers, we relish taking cases to trial, and often do so on behalf of our clients. Our trial-readiness gives our clients every chance to recover all available damages. In Texas, a successful bad faith insurance claim could lead to attorneys’ fees and other damages, in addition to the money owed to you under the policy. You can depend on us to work tirelessly in your case to give you the best chance of achieving results.

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