Auto Dealer Fraud

auto Dealer FraudAUTO DEALER FRAUD



The Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA) grants broad protection rights to consumers. It applies to consumer transactions involving fraud or misrepresentations. In a lawsuit under the DTPA, you can recover for economic loss (the amount paid, damage to property, costs of further repair) plus attorney fees. If we prove the deception was willful or intentional, you can also collect punitive damages of up to three times the economic damages. Many consumer protection cases arise from auto dealer fraud and unscrupulous car repair shops. The scams are numerous and sophisticated:

  • Charging for unnecessary parts or repairs
  • Refusing to honor warranties
  • Repairs paid for but never performed (one shop “solved” our client’s problem by simply disconnecting the car’s warning lights)
  • The buyer is tricked into signing blank documents, later filled in with inflated numbers.
  • Bait and switch — The buyer is approved for dealer financing, but the interest rate is later increased based on a “credit check.”
  • Resell scams — The buyer drives off the lot only to find out they are not approved for financing. The car is repossessed and the buyer forfeits down payments. Some dealers sell the same car over and over.
  • Misapplied financing charges (cash price violations)
  • Selling phony extended warranties, gap, life, or disability insurance
  • Failing to provide the buyer with a clean title

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