Cancellation Of Insurance

CancellationWhen a policyholder makes any type of insurance claim, the insurance company will pay the claim, deny the claim, or cancel or rescind the policy. When an insurance company cancels a policy, it may claim that you, the policyholder, made a false statement or misrepresentation at some point. For example, an insurer may cancel a life insurance or health insurance policy on the grounds that the deceased did not fully report past medical procedures. Insurance cancellations, also known as “post-claim underwriting” can have a dramatic impact on an individual, family or business. If your insurer has canceled your policy instead of paying your claim, your next step should be to speak to an attorney who has experience dealing with insurance companies.

At The Fell Law Firm, our Dallas lawyers help people facing the cancellation of their insurance policies. We understand that you are facing the possibility of serious financial losses, and will work tirelessly to make things right.

Taking Action On Canceled Policies

When an insurance company retroactively cancels a policy after a policyholder has faithfully paid premiums for years, the insurer may be acting in bad faith. The insurance company must have grounds to cancel a policy, but in many cases, the insurance company will simply cancel because it does not want to pay the claim.

Our lawyers, led by Gregory Fell, have years of experience battling against insurers, and will fully investigate the reasons for the insurance company’s cancellation. If there is reason to believe it acted illegally, we will fight for all available damages under the law. In Texas, bad faith insurance practices can lead to punitive damages and attorneys’ fees in addition to the recovery of money under your policy. Our lawyers are ready and able to take your case to the courtroom in the event your insurer is unwilling to do what is right.

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