Steps to Take After Water Damages Your Commercial Property

Steps to Take After Water Damages Your Commercial Property

When you own commercial property, an emergency such as water damage can stop business in its tracks. Whether it’s due to a flood, a burst pipe or a major leak, water damage isn’t something to take lightly.

Steps to Take After Water Damages Your Commercial Property
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4 Steps to Take Immediately Following Water Damage to Your Property

If you’ve found water damage on your commercial property, now is the time to act. Take these steps immediately to ensure your safety, the safety of others and to salvage your property:

  1. Remove the source of the water: If there’s an active water source causing the damage, remove it. You may need to call a plumber or repair service to help you control or stop the water before moving forward.
  2. Call your insurance company: Call your commercial insurance company to start a claim. If you’re not sure, ask what’s covered for water damage under your specific policy.
  3. Clean-up what you can: If there’s standing water, do your best to remove it. You can use buckets, towels or a pump vacuum to extract it. Remember, don’t plug electronics in near the water source or damaged area.
  4. Dry out the damaged area: You can use several fans to help dry out the area after you remove the standing water. You can also use a dehumidifier to help dry the air to speed the drying process.

Consider Calling a Professional Restoration Service

If the water damage is extensive, it may be a good idea to call a professional clean-up and restoration service. These companies work to remove the water for you and clean-up properly to avoid mold growth. They also help remove damage you may not see in floors and walls. A quick online search will help you find restoration services in your area.

Commercial Insurance Claim Denied? Call an Attorney.

If you submit an insurance claim only to receive a denial, you may benefit from reaching out to an attorney for help. There are many reasons why you might be denied assistance. To learn more about how to deal with water damage or for assistance with your claim, send us a message.

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