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Acting in Bad Faith: Tactics Insurance Companies Use to Delay Claims

Your insurance company has a legal obligation to compensate you fairly in the event of property damage, a health issue or another unforeseen circumstance. But all too often insurance companies put their bottom line ahead of the law. They find reasons to delay claims unfairly to avoid making a payment. In doing so, they act in bad faith.
Here are some tactics to watch out for. If your insurance company seems to be using any of these, it’s time to reach out and talk with a lawyer at The Fell Law Firm.

Not Acknowledging Claim Communications

Insurance companies often wrongly delay claims with a tactic that can look like mere sloppiness until you investigate further. When you send them a communication, they fail to respond to it in a timely manner. Often, they don’t respond at all. And when you call to ask about the communication, they claim to have no record of what you’re talking about.
If letters keep going missing, if forms get “lost in the mail,” if you repeatedly reach out and don’t hear back, be very suspicious. Your insurance company could be acting in bad faith.

Failure to Investigate Claims Promptly

After you file an insurance claim, a quick investigation is critical to resolving the matter effectively. As time passes, witnesses are likely to forget critical details. Sometimes they even move and are difficult to reach. Evidence fades, too. Damage becomes weathered, and it’s increasingly difficult to determine exactly what caused the damage and to what extent.
So, if your insurance company seems to be delaying a thorough investigation of the claim, be wary. It might help to have an attorney on your side. Reaching out to an attorney—even before the insurance company denies your claim—can help things run more smoothly. It will send a key message to your insurance company, telling them you mean business.

Withholding Payment After Liability Is Clear

When your insurance company has determined that liability is clear and money is owed, they should not make you wait and wait to get your check. The law requires that they act in good faith and make the payment in a reasonable amount of time.

What if Your Insurance Claim Is Delayed?

If your insurance company doesn’t seem to be acting in good faith, it may be time to talk with a lawyer. The attorneys at The Fell Law Firm can help with unduly delayed or denied insurance claims. Call us today at 1-972-450-1418. We offer free and confidential consultations.

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