Motorcycle safety tips for car and truck drivers

You’re on the road and you see a motorcyclist coming up behind you. In most cases, a driver will make note that there is a motorcycle near him or her and pay close attention. But with hours and hours of driving every week, it’s not uncommon that some of us get a bit complacent. We may be distracted by what we are listening to on the radio or may even end up daydreaming. Once car or truck drivers get into this frame of mind, things can get very dangerous for motorcycle riders.

For those that share the road with motorcyclists, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to keep everyone safe. First, try not to rely on a motorcycle’s brake lights. The rider may not always push the break in order to slow down. A motorcycle is a small vehicle and can easily slow down when the rider just takes his or her foot off the break.

Be sure to check your surroundings several times before making a turn or merging into the next lane, especially if you are already aware that a motorcycle is somewhere on the road with you. In many cases motorcycles are actually closer than they appear to be in your rearview mirror, so do not rely on it completely. It can also be really hard to gauge how fast a motorcyclist is going so taking just a little extra time before you decide to turn or merge may mean the difference between life and death for a motorcycle rider. Both motorcyclists and drivers need to do their part in order to keep riders safe on our roadways.

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