5 ways to deal with a difficult landlord

5 ways to deal with a difficult landlord

If you are renting a place to live in, it is important that you have a good relationship with your landlord. They will deal with any problems you have or any who have problems with you. A good landlord helps ensure that everything in your home runs smoothly. When you have a landlord who is more difficult than you would like, there are a few ways you can deal with him or her.

1. Pay your rent on time

Most landlords are easier to deal with if they get your rent on time and do not have to pester you each month. If you have a month when things are tight, do not just ignore your rent due date. Speak to your landlord about an extension.

2. Keep records of all interactions

You should document all interactions you have with your landlord in case a dispute ever comes up. Get copies of any canceled checks or online payments you have made for rent, and take notes on face-to-face meetings or phone conversations when you have a dispute.

3. Know when you are being harassed

Your landlord may oversee the property, but this does not mean that he or she can bother you on a regular basis. If your landlord willingly makes you feel so uncomfortable that you want to move out or terminate your agreement, you may be a victim of harassment.

4. Ask for repairs in writing

If you need your water heater fixed or dishwasher replaced, you can keep documents of these requests by submitting them in writing. It is easy to forget a phone call or a text message, but your landlord is likely to return to an email or letter asking for help.

5. Know your rights

Tenants have rights, and there are limits on how your landlord can treat you. If you feel you are being harassed or your landlord is unreasonable, we encourage you to speak to an attorney about your rights immediately.

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