Is Auto-Driver Technology the Answer?

Let’s face it; humans can be terrible drivers. We make a host of mistakes behind the wheel. For example, we drive when we’re tired, when we’re angry, and while we focus on anything but the road in front of us. Unfortunately, for all our flaws, we are also the best and only option for operating a motor vehicle.

For many, self-driving vehicles have been the hoped-for solution for years. We’ve been waiting on robot drivers almost as eagerly as on flying cars. Who wouldn’t rather set the destination and forget about the trouble of getting there?

Eager for any Solution

As nice as it would be to have auto-driving technology on board, it’s important not to take that step too soon. It’s one thing to identify a problem and another to find a better solution. Auto-driving technology needs to be carefully reviewed before we allow uninhibited access to the roads we all share. 

The new top official at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has promised to take a long, hard look at the safety records amassed by early entrants into the field of automated vehicle technology.

What Is the Sweet Spot for Self-Driving Tech?

One difficult question is what kind of failure rate are we willing to tolerate from self-driving vehicles? Most people regard themselves as better than average drivers. That means many, if not most, drivers overestimate their own skills and/or underestimate the skills of others. 

We would likely all be happy to replace the other drivers with automated technology. But are we willing to turn over our own control to it?

There’s no such thing as a perfect machine. If we demand perfection, automated technology will never arrive. If we demand technology that matches our current abilities as human drivers, we will continue to tolerate high numbers of injuries and deaths without holding the tech companies accountable for not doing better. 

The NHTSA may play a large role in determining how safe it is when it comes to auto-driver devices.

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