How Dangerous Is Speeding?

Have you ever been told that a safe speed to drive is any speed at which you won’t get a ticket? Was that 9 MPH over the speed limit? Was it 5 MPH over?

The truth is that there is no magic line above the speed limit that will protect you from being pulled over. More importantly, there is no set limit above the speed limit where you’re still “safe.” Speeding is a massive contributor to deadly car accidents in Texas and across the country.

The Tale of the Tape

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), speeding was a contributing factor in 11,258 traffic deaths in 2020. Statistically, that means speeding matched drunk driving in terms of the total deaths it caused. They’re both responsible for around 1 in 3 fatal car accidents.

2020 was not an outlier in terms of percentages. Speeding is consistently the cause of around a third of deadly traffic incidents. While relatively few drivers would acknowledge driving drunk, and even fewer would defend it, many drivers are quite open about their willingness to violate speed limits.

A survey conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that almost 50% of drivers reported having gone 15 MPH or more over the limit in the past month.

Attitudes Change

There was a time when driving drunk was seen as a minor concern. A person stumbling to their car to drive home might lead to a laugh as easily to real concern. In short, drunk driving was once treated as lightly as speeding is now.

People didn’t understand how much impact alcohol had on a person’s ability to drive safely. And they still don’t understand how speed impacts your ability to drive safely.

Reaction Time and Stopping Power

How quickly a driver reacts to something is a big part of how speed kills when it comes to car and truck crashes. At 25 MPH you can react and stop in half the distance it would take if you were going 40. Doubling your speed does much more than double the danger.

The faster you go, the less aware you are of what’s happening to your left and right. You get tunnel vision, and your depth perception suffers the faster you go. You might think that going 64 in a 55 MPH zone is no big deal, but it has a tremendous impact on what you see and how quickly you can stop or avoid a collision.

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