Distracted Driving Accidents Are on the Rise

The 2017 statistics from the Texas Department of Transportation indicate that there are more distracted drivers than ever causing accidents. Almost one-in-five crashes involve distracted driving. Despite the awareness campaigns, this rate hasn’t decreased in three years.
These statistics mean that everyone else must drive as defensively as possible. Yet, when you are legitimately stopped at a red light, there isn’t much you can do to avoid a rear-end collision when a texting driver in your rear-view mirror doesn’t even see you.
If you’ve been injured by a texting or otherwise distracted driver, we can help you recover compensation for your injuries and losses and obtain justice for you.

What Is Distracted Driving?

The phrase describes drivers who are doing something else besides paying attention to the road. While teenage drivers contribute their fair share to distracted driving accidents, older drivers and even truck drivers, who are ideally the most well-trained and careful drivers, cause accidents. No one age group is immune from driving-while-distracted. The distraction might be different, but the results can be equally tragic.
Most people causing accidents are texting or talking on their cell phones. Others are eating, putting on makeup, shaving or adjusting the radio station. Believe it or not, some people try to send an email, read a book or watch a movie while they drive. Many of these drivers end up causing a serious accident.

Top Safe Driving Tips

  • Even drivers using hands-free phones face distractions. If you must take a call or respond to a message, the safest thing to do is to pull off the road to a safe place or just wait until you are done driving.
  • Give driving 100 percent of your attention and be especially vigilant when driving through construction zones.
  • Pull off the road to make calls requiring your full attention and concentration like business calls or when you need to take notes.
  • Tell people you know that you won’t respond to calls or texts when driving. Take advantage of the automatic services that allow you to send a message to a caller or someone messaging you that you are currently unavailable but will get back to them. Let your phone do the work and keep you (and other motorists) safe.

Pay Attention or Become a Statistic—Your Choice

When drivers engage in distracting behavior they are making more than a bad personal choice. They are putting themselves and others at risk of an accident that can happen in just a split second. These drivers are just as dangerous as those driving under the influence. Victims die in distracted driving accidents, too.
Just in one year, between 2015 and 2016, distracted drivers caused 5.6% more deaths than the year before. You can drive defensively and avoid these behaviors, but not everyone can stay safe on the roads when too many drivers choose to drive while distracted.

Distracted Driving Cases Need a Legal Team’s Focus

We’ve personally seen the real impact that behaviors like texting while driving can have on unsuspecting drivers. And the number of accidents is increasing, despite public awareness campaigns and increased law enforcement.
We have the experience and the resources to help you recover what you deserve if a distracted driver injured you or loved one. It’s extremely important to contact us as soon as possible so we can preserve evidence from the accident and help you manage your medical and other expenses because of the incident.

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