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College students and renting: 4 things parents should know

If your child is preparing to head off to college in the coming weeks, he or she is not the only one feeling some pressure and excitement. As a parent of a college, you also have a lot to think about and worry about, whether your child is going to school in the same city or moving across the country.

One concern you may have is where your child is going to live. Many students live off-campus in apartments or rental houses. This allows them much more freedom and independence than if they lived on campus, but it comes with some important responsibilities of which parents should also be aware.

Why landlords do not return security deposits

To move into an apartment, you often must give your landlord a security deposit. After all, the landlord feels safer renting out property if he or she has money ready to deal with extensive damage.

However, tenants do not always get their security deposits back. Here is a look at some reasons why:

Know your rights if your HOA crosses a line

Being a part of a Homeowners' Association can come with several benefits. You may have less to worry about in terms of maintenance and neighborhood disputes, and there may be many amenities you would not have access to if you lived outside an association.

However, HOAs are not perfect and an association's rules can cross the line between protecting members and creating unnecessary restrictions. Below, we examine some examples of what an HOA can and cannot do, as well as what you can do if you wind up involved in a dispute.

Drowning isn't the only hazard associated with swimming pools

Whether you have a pool in your backyard or just take a dip when you stay in hotels with pools, you should be aware of the many risks associated swimming pools. Too often, people think that the risks stop and start with drowning, but the fact is that there are many other types of injuries or illnesses caused by an unsafe pool.

For instance, recently nine people were diagnosed with Legionnaire's disease after staying in the same hotel. 

4 times to contact an attorney regarding your insurance claims

Any situation involving an insurance policy and/or claim has the potential to be frustrating. Whether you are figuring out the coverage that you need or disputing a delayed payout, there is a lot on the line and the insurance agents aren't necessarily looking out for your best interests.

With this in mind, understand that you do not need to wait until a situation gets bad before you seek legal guidance. Below, we look at four different times it can be valuable to contact an attorney during the insurance claim process.

Study: Phones are distracting even when we aren't using them

Every Texas driver should be aware of the dangers of driving while distracted by a phone. There are even laws prohibiting texting and driving, and the use of a cellphone is completely banned for certain drivers and in certain areas. 

Despite these laws and educational efforts urging people to focus on driving, people still text, check email, update Facebook and otherwise use their phone while they are behind the wheel. And unfortunately, even if you aren't actively using your phone, you could still be distracted by it, according to recent studies.

3 common reasons tenants sue landlords

Renting a property should be a mutually beneficial agreement between two respectful parties. Often, though, one party acts in a way that complicates this. A violation of the terms of the lease or simply personal discord might motivate an escalating conflict. In some cases, these conflicts develop to the point that one party initiates legal action and sues the other.

Tenants may sue landlords for a variety of different reasons, but the following are some of the most common. If you have been the target of a suit involving one of these or any other legal issue, consulting with a legal representative can help you combat the allegations you are facing.

Signs your landlord is breaking the law

Living in an apartment or rented home should be a trouble-free experience. Landlords are a positive presence if they keep the place up and stay in contact about changes.

But some may look for a way to charge more or keep money to which they are not entitled. Here are a few signs to look for the possibility that your landlord is violating landlord-tenant law.

3 things you must do if you are going to file an insurance claim

Getting into a car accident or seeing your home damaged by storms can be physically and emotionally painful. In these situations, the only comfort you might have is the assurance that you have insurance.

In order to ensure that you are properly compensated for damages under your policy, though, you need to take some important steps to solidify your claim. Failure to do these things can give an insurance company all it needs to shortchange you or deny your claim

5 things you can do to protect yourself from summer accidents

Did you know that this month is recognized as National Safety Month in the U.S.? The National Safety Council announced this yearly reminder as we head into summer, which is when the highest number of certain accidents occur.

While the official recognition of safety efforts may only last one month, we urge all readers to be especially mindful of certain behaviors all summer long. Below are five easy ways to prioritize safety for yourself, your family and your community this season.

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