What to Do After Discovering a Delayed Car Accident Injury

Car accidents often result in emotional and physical trauma. But some car accidents don’t cause visible bodily harm. Instead, they inflict damage that occurs days, weeks or even months after the accident occurred. Even if your injury occurs after the accident, it’s important to receive medical attention and to then contact an attorney to discuss filing a claim.

The Many Types of Delayed Car Accident Injuries

About 6 million car accidents happen in the United States each year. Injuries sustained from these accidents don’t always show symptoms immediately. In fact, whiplash, the most common car accident injury, can show symptoms weeks after the accident occurs. Other types of delayed injuries include:

  • Bone fractures
  • Internal bleeding
  • Head injuries such as concussions
  • Back injuries such as disk issues
  • Soft-tissue injuries
  • Shoulder and wrist injuries

What Steps Should You Take Next?

Most of these injuries will result in pain. However, if you experience bruising, swelling, bleeding or other symptoms that are out of the ordinary, it’s time to take action.

  • Seek medical attention. Make an appointment with your physician or visit the emergency department if your symptoms are unbearable or require immediate attention. Your physician will conduct an exam, order testing and decide what steps should be taken for your health.
  • Reach out to an attorney. After you receive the medical care you require, reach out to an attorney for a consult regarding your accident. Even if you didn’t contact an attorney when the accident occurred, you might still be eligible for compensation for your injuries.
    If another party caused your accident, your attorney will help you gather evidence—such as the accident report, medical records and any witness testimonies—to support your claim. If you can, gather as much information upfront as possible to help streamline the process.

Find an Attorney Who Specializes in Personal Injury Law

You should consult with an attorney who focuses on car accidents and personal injury law. Your attorney will be able to guide you, suggest next steps to take and decide whether or not your injuries call for a personal injury case. For more information or for answers to your questions, reach out to the attorneys at Fell Law Firm today.

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