What Are Your Rights as a Renter?

We live in a society that for so long has put property ownership on a pedestal. Not everyone can or even wants to own their place of residence, however, and that shouldn’t make them second-class citizens.

Texas provides certain renter’s rights to all who rent their apartment or other type of residence. These laws protect renters and their families from becoming victims to the negligence of property owners and management companies who might skip safety measures to try to save money.

Right to Repairs

No matter what kinds of places you’ve lived in, you know that properties need repairs. Homeowners take on that responsibility themselves or hire someone to help repair an issue. But what about tenants?

Tenants rely on their landlords to fix many of the issues they face from day to day. In fact, trying to fix certain things without landlord help could get a renter into trouble. What types of common repair issues should a landlord address for the safety of their tenants?

  • Sewage backups
  • Pests (roaches, rodents)
  • Mold
  • Faulty electrical issues
  • Roof leaks

Specific state housing laws of Texas govern the repairs landlords are required to provide. The general rule is that an issue must be fixed if it is a reasonable physical health and/or safety risk for a tenant.

Do Your Part to Preserve Rights

Landlord and tenant cases can be sensitive and complicated. Living in a situation you feel is unsafe or unhealthy creates everyday stress. As a tenant, you cannot control your surroundings entirely, so control what you can in order to be in the best situation possible should a repair case pop up.

As a tenant, you’re in the best legal position to demand repairs if you’re up-to-date on your rent payments. Before filing any sort of premises liability lawsuit regarding repairs, a tenant must also show that they have filed a request for certain repairs and given the landlord a reasonable chance to make the repairs.

If a Dangerous Property Caused You Harm, Get Help

If a landlord neglected all of your requests for repairs, and your living conditions caused you, a loved one, or your valued goods harm, you could have legal options. Remember, you are a person—a customer with certain rights.

Contact The Fell Law Firm online or at 972-450-1418 to discuss how our experienced personal injury lawyers can help with your premises liability case. You deserve a safe home and, through fighting to protect that safety, you help to create a safer Texas community for all of us.

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