What Are Compensatory Damages in a Car Accident Case in Texas?

In legal cases involving injury or damages, compensatory damages provide monetary payment to compensate you for financial and personal losses. Damages cover harm suffered due to the actions of the other driver or negligent party.

A Dallas car accident attorney can determine which damages you can claim. While they can’t guarantee the outcome, they’ll advocate on your behalf to get the best settlement possible. Below, we look at what compensatory damages you can claim in a car accident in Texas.

8 Types of Compensatory Damages

Understanding the different types of compensatory damages helps you navigate the legal process. It’ll also help you get the most out of your personal injury claim.

1. Medical Expenses

You may be entitled to reimbursement for past and future medical bills from injuries caused by the defendant. Medical expenses can include hospitalization, surgery, medication, rehabilitation and any other necessary medical treatments.

2. Lost Wages or Earning Capacity

When injuries prevent you from working, you suffer financial losses. You can seek reimbursement for income lost due to time taken off work for medical treatment, recovery or disability. Your accident attorney can work with your boss to determine the exact amount of pay you lost.

3. Pain and Suffering

Compensatory damages also account for the physical and emotional pain endured by the injured party. You can get compensation for the pain and suffering you experienced as a result of the injury. You may also be awarded compensation for the emotional or mental pain you suffered as a result of the defendant’s actions.

4. Loss of Consortium

Loss of consortium refers to the lack of companionship, support and intimacy resulting from the injury. In cases where the injury affects relationships and the ability to enjoy familial bonds, compensatory damages may be awarded.

5. Loss of Enjoyment of Life

When injuries impact daily activities or hobbies, your attorney may include damages for the loss of enjoyment of life. The claim acknowledges the diminished quality of life you experienced due to the defendant’s actions.

6. Emotional Distress

Accident-related damages can also include anxiety, severe depression or long-term mental problems. Emotional distress damages address the mental suffering you endured during recovery.

7. Long-Term Damages

Long-term or permanent damages may include future expenses and losses. You may be able to claim ongoing treatment, therapy and potential loss of income or earning capacity.

8. Rehabilitation Costs

Rehabilitation costs, including expenses for any kind of therapy, may be included in compensatory damages. These costs are necessary for your recovery and restoring your quality of life post-injury.

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