The Physical and Mental Damage Caused by Car Accidents

Millions of people in Texas drive automobiles each day. It’s a privilege many take for granted, and it’s easy to fall into the trap of assuming that everything will always go smoothly on the road. As a result, drivers can get too confident or careless behind the wheel, leading to accidents. In fact, 239,539 persons were injured in motor vehicle traffic crashes in 2021.

People are warned about car accidents routinely, but nothing can truly prepare them for the experience when it happens. This is especially true of the physical pain and mental harm that many people suffer after a traffic incident.

What Physical and Mental Harm Do Car Accident Victims Suffer?

Car accidents can lead to pain and misery on multiple levels depending upon the severity of the situation. While there are many types of afflictions possible, some common types that people experience include:

  • Dull headaches, aches and pains: These often come with minor fender benders. While people often feel compelled to “walk it off,” these types of injuries can still qualify for a lawsuit.
  • Whiplash after a rear-end collision: While most people recover after a few weeks, there are others who have suffered from chronic pain for months or even years after a rear-end collision. If the pain is severe and limits your range of motion, it could indicate that you’re in for a longer and more complicated recovery period.
  • Major physical impairment: This includes broken bones, paralysis, disfigurement and loss of limbs. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, there were over 15,000 serious injury crashes in 2021 with over 19,000 people sustaining a serious injury.
  • Death: Unfortunately, there are far too many people killed in Texas car accidents and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The 2021 death toll was 4,489, which was an increase of 15.22% compared to 2020.

These types of injuries can require physical therapy and surgery and may entail a long road to recovery. But beyond bodily harm, people can suffer a different type of trauma from car accidents—mental anguish.

Victims of car accidents can experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and varying degrees of anxiety. Mental trauma may be an invisible ailment to outsiders. This is especially true if the victims try to keep it to themselves and suffer silently. But these conditions can be debilitating and life-altering, and the victims deserve to receive financial help to cope with the pain and try to find a path forward.

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