Ridesharing May Be a Mixed Bag When it Comes to Crashes

It’s natural to assume that ridesharing services are a plus from a safety standpoint. After all, isn’t ridesharing supposed to help cut down on drunk driving?

Unfortunately, few studies have shown lukewarm results on the effect of Uber, Lyft and other ridesharing services on safety. In fact, there is some reason to think they might even be making the roads less safe.

The Danger Points for Rideshare Drivers and Passengers

A recent study of ridesharing services in New York points out one very clear threat when it comes to these companies. Ridesharing is at its most dangerous when you’re being picked up or dropped off. There was no statistical sign that rideshare drivers are more dangerous en route.

Another interesting finding was that taxi services did not show the same level of danger at pick-up and drop-off points. The harm was tied to the ridesharing services that have taken over in many parts of the country.

This suggests that either the drivers themselves are the problem or something about the way they handle the beginning and end of their journeys is to blame.

Distracted Driving and Ridesharing Services

If you’ve ever used an Uber or Lyft, you might recall the slightly awkward feeling you have as you’re waiting to be picked up by a person you don’t know. You’re staring at your phone and trying to spot an anonymous car in a crowd. Whereas taxis tend to stand out, the cars used in ridesharing tend to blend in. That means you, as a would-be passenger, are in an uneasy position.

The same type of problem is there for the rideshare driver. You hail a cab or meet in one space designated for that purpose. If you request a rideshare, your driver has to find you, potentially in a crowd and potentially in an unfamiliar spot.

Your driver is basically forced to monitor a cell phone rather than attending to the needs of safe driving. Distracted driving is always hazardous. In the case of ridesharing services, it’s also a built-in part of the process.

Unmet Potential or a Failed Application

Ridesharing has room to grow. It’s possible that there are kinks in the system that will be ironed out over time. Ridesharing may, eventually, fulfill the promise of vastly reducing drunk driving while not leading to increased accidents of another variety.

It could also be the case that ridesharing services are not the boon people hoped they would be. As more time passes, it may turn out that ridesharing is an unworkable or unwise model.

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