Car Seat Safety in Colder Weather

Bulky winter coats are less common in Texas than in many other places. Still, the weather does get cold enough sometimes for us to need to bundle our kids up before getting in the car. But have you ever wondered if you should take that jacket off before you put your child in a car seat?

The Car Seat Headache

While some seats are better than others, it seems like keeping your child safe should be easier. If you’ve ever tried to quickly move a car seat from one vehicle to another, you know the instructions provided leave something to be desired.

Installing a car seat is not the only difficult thing about them. Some of them can pinch, rub or otherwise cause your child pain. Many parents are reluctant to strap their children in as tightly as they should, and bulky coats make the problem worse.

What the Experts Say

Getting into a car accident with your child in the vehicle is a terrifying prospect. To minimize the risk, you need to make sure your child is properly secured in a car seat. The people at Consumer Reports offer several important tips when it comes to coats and car seats.

First, it’s best to do this well in advance rather than right before a drive you’re impatient to start. You’ll need to check the fit of the car seat with the coat on and then without, for comparison’s sake. This will take a bit of time, so be prepared.

Fasten your child into the harness with the coat on. Tighten it as you usually would. Then, unhook the harness without loosening it. Take your child out and remove the winter coat. Now, put your child back into the seat and fasten it to the exact same position as with the coat.

You’ll know the coat is too bulky if you can pinch the strap together with your thumb and pointer finger. If you can pinch it together, it’s too loose. That means you must ditch the coat before strapping your little one in.

Alternate Solutions

Remember that you’ll need a solution that doesn’t require you to turn around in your seat while you’re driving. If you’re fiddling with the placement of a blanket on your child while driving, you aren’t doing yourself any favors from an accident prevention standpoint.

Still, blankets are one way to go. You can tuck the blanket in over and around the harness so it doesn’t compromise safety. You can also buy a car seat cover specifically designed to solve this problem. Finally, if your child is older, you can just put the coat on them backward after strapping them in.

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